Jerron hasn’t text me since that day I tweeted a picture with Jack.
Rashad hasn’t text me since that night I let him take me out.
Jack doesn’t even like talking to me half the time.

either niggas aint shit, or I ain’t shit.
I’m staying under my rock forever.

my department at work is #2 in the region. when was the last time that happened?

letting my phone die at the end of the day is the best feeling sometimes. until I realize one of my friends might really need me in the middle of the night. but it’s yet to happen….so I’m good.

and tomorrow will be no better because my mom has requested that we have a “talk” before I go to work in the morning.


today altogether was an experience…..

it’s one thing to be racially profiled by a White person. but by another POC, it’s more upsetting. I always shop at this one beauty supply store because it’s close to my job & always has exactly what I need. now when I say always, I mean ALWAYS. at least 3 times a week, I’m getting something from there. but I’ll never go back again.
today it was abnormally busy. which was just really weird to me. it’s never been more than like 3 people in there at once. and for some reason….one of the employees followed me & my friends through every single aisle we went in. now, we’re at the register and all of a sudden the whole store is ready to purchase too. and I decide not to buy anything. saving money & all that good stuff. so when I put back the stuff I didn’t want, because I didn’t want them to have extra work… she asked me where I put the mascara. LOUD ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE TO HEAR. the mascara I picked up the 20 minutes ago I walked through the door and put back down because I mistaked it for eyeliner. the mascara I didn’t carry throughout the store. the mascara I didn’t steal. but she accused me of having it 3 times. because there was an empty space in the display. the same empty space that was there when I arrived.
98% of me wanted to go off. but I work in that area & don’t need any extra drama that may come of it. so my other 2% gave her the sweetest “fuck you” with the happiest smile. knowing that they’ll never get another penny from me.

Jeffrey’s are just generally handsome people.


fiftyshades0ftayy mwah!

that’s bae

my girlfriend puckyoufayme is home. all is good.


i’m honestly just tryna level up spiritually, mentally, financially, physically, and emotionally!!!!