kissing is so important to me.
i can’t kiss him.
but oh god.
i want to.


not killing myself is a personal achievement but you cant really brag about that at dinner parties

my mom is really unbelievable.
did she even hear a word I said? 😐
I don’t even know how the conversation went so sideways. I’m exhausted. she’s exhausting.

selfies are better with a friendselfies are better with a friendselfies are better with a friendselfies are better with a friendselfies are better with a friend

selfies are better with a friend

I’m still thinking about it, cause it’s just crazy to me.
and it kills me the role that my mom played in us. it was always disrespectful to me when she did or said some things. but after what he said, I kinda just want to talk to her.
but I won’t. it ain’t her business. I just wish she would’ve cared for him more. like how she cares for Rodney :/

everytime he speaks of his mom, I feel so useless. and stuck. because I have my mom. and I love her. and she’s saved me before. and no matter what the issue, im going to always love her for very important reasons.
I get mad at my mom for going on vacation for a week. he’s gone damn near his whole life without his.
and he just….has gone through so much from not having her around. and it surprises me that he talks about her at all. and like he said, he’s stronger because of it. but it’s seriously something you can never get back. a childhood without a mom molds you in a different way. and he’s never going to know what it’s like growing up with a mom. but he deserves a mother’s love, I wish he would have had it.

it took me less than an hour to straighten my hair, and by time I was done, so were my roots.
I’m asking myself why I even bothered. waste of products, waste of time. heat is the devil.


do you ever feel like you’re the friend everybody secretly hates


Drink hella water, eat hella fruit